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Men experiencing impotency and erectile dysfunction issues look for options to have them solved, especially that these conditions can somehow affect men’s confidence and self-worth. Good thing there’s Vardenafil, a drug developed to treat these kinds of conditions. What is Vardenafil? Vardenafil is a type of drug medication intended to treat cases of erectile dysfunction in men. It is an inhibitor of a particular chemical named phosphodiesterase type 5 (shortened to PDE 5), and what it does is to relax muscles and increase blood flow to certain areas of the body, specifically to a man’s penis when he aims to achieve an erection. Vardenafil is a generic name of several branded medicines, such as Staxyn, Levitra, and Vivanza. Levitra was the trade name of the medicine when it was first co-marketed by the three big names in medicine manufacturing namely GlaxoSmithKline, Schering-Plough and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Two Types of Vardenafil Vardenafil comes in two forms: the regular tablet form, and the rapidly disintegrating tablet.

The latter easily dissolves in the mouth once taken. This medicine can be taken with or without food, and ideally ingested an hour before sexual activity. Prior to taking Vardenafil, a doctor’s approval must first be obtained as it may clash with certain medicines the patient is currently taking. Follow instructions once approval is obtained, and do not take more than the amount or dosage advised. If it’s the disintegrating tablet that has been prescribed to you, inspect first the blisterpack before taking it. Make sure the blisters are not tampered or damaged in any way; or else, do not take the tablets. Instructions are given on how to remove Vardenafil from the blister package. Once the tablet is freely removed from the packaging, it should be immediately placed into the mouth as it will quickly dissolve.

The said tablet should not be taken with other liquids such as water. A certain amount or dosage will be given first to the patient. It is usually just the average or normal dose; the increase or decrease of Vardenafil’s next dosage will depend on the body’s reaction and response to the drug. However, if it’s the disintegrating tablet that is initially diagnosed, the dosage cannot be changed simply because it only has one dosage available. If dosage changes are needed to be made, then the doctor may switch the patient to the regular tablets. The patient should then inform his doctor if he feels certain side effects brought about by the prescribed medicine. Take note that one form of Vardenafil tablet cannot be substituted for the other. The prescription should be followed religiously to avoid any harmful side effects.

If questions need to be asked, the patient can just go to his doctor – he can also consult a pharmacist if the doctor’s not available for queries. Special Storage Conditions Vardenafil should be kept inside the container it was originally in. It should be closed tightly, and children should not be able to grab a hold of it. It should be stored in room temperature and should be away from moisture and excess heat.

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